May 5

On May 5th I was up at 4:00 AM and on the water by 5:30.   The wind turned out to be in my favor all day.  Little did I know that would be short lived.  I paddled 17 miles to Split Rock Creek.  Spirit Rock Creek is one of the neatest places on the North Shore.  As you paddle into the deep cove there is 100-foot cliff and rock out cropping on both sides and that funnels into a narrow spot that turn into a gradual beach with the creek flowing into Lake Superior. 

The hillsides adjacent to this beautiful campsite are a mix of birch and pine with no under brush so when you look at the hillside you can see way back into the forest.  I explored and found an old cabin. It was at least 30 years old and abandoned for 20.  Two walls and part of the roof were left of this 6-foot by 8-foot dwelling.  I tried to imagine how one could live in such a small place than I realized that was larger than my tent.

Split Rock Creek Campsite