May 6

At 7:00 AM I left the safe and calm cove of Split Rock Creek and paddled the 3 miles to Split Rock Light House.  This is a most magnificent sight.   The Split Rock Light House was build because of the storm on November 28, 1905 that damaged or sunk 29 ships of Superior.  This storm was the worst in recorded history and caused the lady to be christened "The most dangerous piece of water in the world".  The lighthouse was completed in 1910. 

The point that I found interesting was that there were no roads on the North Shore at this time so all 310 tons of building material had to be hoisted up the 100 foot cliff from the ships anchored below.  A quote says that "gusty winds kept such a procedure from ever becoming routine" and after being on superior myself for only a few days I can definitely agree.  After 4 hours of exploration and photography I left Split Rock Light House and paddled the mile to Corundum point.

I tried to see the remains of the Maderia that sunk just off shore during the famous storm of November 28, 1905.  I was not able to find any evidence of the wreckage that is rising on the bottom from 10 foot of water out to 100 feet.  On a clam day I was told you could see a few of the parts in the shallow part towards shore.  It was too windy for me to see so I decided to return some time after my trip.  I paddled on for another hour or so when I was literally blown off the water to a spot I would later learn was Black Beach.  Stayed the night, as Superior was to rough.

Split Rock Light House