May 7-8-9

May 7th I ended up staying right where I was on Black Beach about 46 miles into my voyage.  Wind bound for over a day so soon was not my plans.

May 8th still on Black Beach but I met some of the neighbors and got a ride into Silver Bay to get more food and fuel for my store.   Things were going slower than I anticipated or hoped for.  I decided to paddle out from Black Beach at 2:00 AM the next morning (May 9th).  I left on calm waters at 1:45 AM and by 3:00 AM it got much rougher.  The moon was full so I could see the water around me well enough to paddle, but I did not plan on the wind until first light.  I paddled only 6 miles between 1:45 AM and 5:00 AM.  The 6 miles didn’t seem worth it after the wind came up and I was fighting my way up shore until it got light so I could see enough to land.  Even with the now 6 feet waves I was safer out at sea than close to shore.  At first light I made my dash to shore and landed at 5:00 AM sharp.  It was none to soon as I was completely wiped out both physically and mentally.  I set up the tent and slept until noon.  I will never paddle on Superior at night again.