May 16 & 17

The longest single portage of my solo kayak expedition is 8- miles long.   The Ojibway Indians called this place Kitchi Onigaming, meaning "Great Carrying Place" today you recognize it as Grand Portage.  After I completed it I would of named it "place of much work and lots of mosquitoes.  My wife Rebecca and friend Allen Logelin arrived at the Grand Portage Monument early morning on May 16 to film and photograph as I started my 8- mile portage.  This historic portage is the link from Lake Superior to the Border Lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and has been used for hundreds of years.  Long before the French and Europeans arrived here the various Indian bands used this historic trail.  It was the Ojibway Indians that taught the first explorers and fur traders this route into the interior.   I portaged through the historic reconstructed stockade and down the exact same trail that the Indians and fur trade voyageurs used hundreds of years ago.  Legend has it that the voyageur could pack 180 pounds down the 8- mile portage and walk back in less than 6 hours.  It took me two long days to complete the trip one way.

I was grateful that I had help with the film and photographic part required for the documentary.  That is one thing the voyageurs did not have to worry about.