May 28

Left island in morning.  Paddled across the rest of Basswood Lake against a strong wind.  Arrived at Basswood Falls.  Portage around Basswood Falls and put kayak back in below falls.  I took a chance after this as the Basswood River has 5 sets of rapids that most (all) canoes and most kayaks portage around.  Was able to run all 5 sets of rapids although I was really pushing the limit.  This saved me almost 2 miles of portaging.  Reached lower Basswood Falls and portage into Crooked Lake.  Here at Crooked Lake I was able to see my first pictographs.  These are ancient paintings done on the side of rock faces by Indians hundreds of years ago.   This specific place was called "Painted Rock".  The images were painted on the rocks from a canoe and were all done with a "Red Ochre".   This was a paint the Indians were able to make and it has weathered the elements very well.  There were paintings of moose, people, and an image of a bird or eagle.   It was truly amazing.  The wind was giving me fits at this time so I decided to camp right here.