June 4

Getting kind of antsy from being wind bound last couple of days, I set off paddling at 4:00 AM while it was still dark.  The wind was down and my intentions were to make it past the dangerous "Brule Narrows" before it got windy.  I managed to sneak through as the wind steadily picked up as the morning went on.  By 11:00 AM after 7 hours of non-stop paddling I was in the clear (literally) and exploring Bushy Head Island.  I found the abandoned gold mine I had heard about and went in until the water got too deep.  After leaving Bushy Head Island and the abandoned gold mine I paddled another 3 miles west on Rainy Lake until I reached "mile 12" which is where the resorts start on Rainy Lake and is 12 miles from International Falls.   It was 1:30 PM so I stopped for a hot meal.  I called my wife Rebecca and told her I would make it to our re-supply point today.  We had planed to meet at the Idlewood Resort, which is 6 miles east of International Falls to re-supply and rest for a day or two before I continue.  I arrived at the pre-arranged Idlewood Resort at 3:30 PM and Rebecca got there later that night.  What a thrill to have a hot shower and bed after 34 days.