June 5

Today was a rest and recuperating day at Idlewood Resort that included much soul searching.  It was today that my wife and I decided that the trip would end for this year.  It was a very difficult decision.  I had a chance to look back on the many reasons that led me doing this trip in the first place.  These reasons were to retrace the path of the voyageur and See, Experience, and Document the trip.  With both 35-MM cameras and one video camera broke at this time it was getting difficult to document.  I completed the trip with 1 video camera still operational.  In addition to equipment challenges I was feeling the effects of paddling in terrible wind for 34 days.  I could tell that I was not doing as good of a job filming as I should towards the last few days.  In addition to this, the effects of being alone and isolated were starting to have an effect on me.  I could tell after giving it some deep consideration.  It became obvious that we needed to break the trip down into shorter more manageable segments and do these over the next few summers.  We spent the rest of today getting equipment ready for tomorrow, the last day’s paddle for this segment of my voyage.  Tomorrow I would paddle into International Falls and portage through town to the point where I will pick up the trip in the future.