August 5, 2009

Summary: Rest Day (0 miles) - Enjoy Pickeral Cove

Daily Journal

Stay at Pickeral Cove Aug 5... no paddling today... spent time with photography and video.

NOTE: photos are posted first then additional text, and lastly the comprehensive journals... thanks for your patience.

Wonderful day of rest at Pickeral Cove.

Preparing food on a self supported extended trip occupies time, but becomes increasingly important as the trip continues. A 10 plus day trip allows one to rely on body reserves occasionally, but at least once daily a good meal is critical. As my personal experience grows I have begin to understand my calorie needs and adjust accordingly.


Yes - that is me fishing (trying to fish) no luck though.
Although not 100% necessary it is advisable to filter all water one drinks. My opinion and practices support the idea that becoming ill in the wild where your only support is yourself and your own abilities means that I filter my water. It is easy to do and can save a world of trouble.

Hydration - Mixing my favorite drink, tang.

As long as I am discussing hydration I will tell you it is important to keep hydrated. I have found it interesting that there are times paddling, especially in rough or dangerous weather that I intentionally allow myself to get slightly (note: slightly) dehydrated and seem to perform better and am able to stay more alert and less adrenaline OD prone.

Doing some video recording while at Pickeral Cove

Solar panel by Solar World

Master Battery by Tekkeon

I will be producing a "how to" phamphlet on solar charging multiple battery types and voltages from a single panel / system. Including a supplier list.


Basic Kayak, camping and paddling equipment is standard, but the ability to document with video and photography requires unique approaches. This included solar charging capability to keep batteries charged for Video, GPS, Camera, Marine Radio.


At sunset on Pickeral Cove... the most magnificent sight as the lighting changed and the rock outcropping began to take on a life of its own.

Final evening at Pickeral Cove ..... looking out at Herring Bay and Lake Superior. Nothing seems more important than this very moment that the trees are silhouetted against the setting sun.


Look for the companion complete journal entries and memoirs of the trip on these pages in the weeks to come.