Pre Trip Preperations

Some activities and thoughts as I spend four weeks getting all of my equipment and food prepared for the two week trip to Isle Royale.

Research work and equipment upgrades. Considerable time spent to update equipment and research newer technology.

Working on the Web site

Offical Kayak test for the new technology Solar pannels provided by Solar World

It is essential that the pannel output voltage range is sufeccient to charge the battery load.

My old pannels were failing after 10 plus years and these new ones are much lighter.

Madeline working with daddy testing the electronics, She watched me push the buttons so she had to try.


New flexible technology solar pannels were provided by Solar World

These pannels will replace my old pannels purhcased from Solar World over ten years ago.

I found Solar World to be the same relaible and service oriented company today as ten years ago and would recommend them to anyone woking on solar powered projects.


Testing the camera mounts that allow filming while paddling

Shown here is the Tekkeon battery pack connected to my video camera battery. The Tekkeon MP3450 battery is continiouley charging and any time I need power to cahrge, marine radio, camera, video, or any other battery powered device I connect the device charge tot he master battery.

This one devise has solved all of my remote solar charging problems of multiple voltage devices.


myPower ALL Plus MP3450i is an industrial-grade, high-temperature, high-capacity lithium polymer battery for use with portable instruments and equipment as portable power, or as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for battery backup. This universal battery provides instant power for instruments and equipment that require between 5V and 19V. And the voltage is fixed for the connected equipment, or can be quickly changed to meet the power needs of a wide range of devices.


Shown here with the video camera in the water proof case, being charged with the solar charging system


August 1, the day before my trip. Mom, Madeline and I were spending time at the Duluth Harbor before we parted ways and I traveld north to Grand Portage and Mom and Madeline back home.

Next summer we will all go on a trip together.