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About The Adventure

photo8.jpg (22226 bytes) Hi, my name is Daniel Larson, born and raised in a rural community in the woods of northern Minnesota.  My love of the true wild outdoors and traveling on water began at a very young age.  It all started when I was nine and purchased a used flat bottom rubber raft for $12.50.  I was as close to a modern day Huckleberry Finn as the local law would allow, sometimes even a little to close.  It's funny how life’s experiences build on each other and come together when you least expect it.


To kayak and document the outdoor world is my passion photo5.jpg (24786 bytes)


Larson Family in and on the water

Rebecca, Madeline, & Daniel

Madeline and Daddy fishing in kayak

Madeline takes a nap with her paddle in hand


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